Road Trip SW Germany Day 3: Koblenz and the Rhine Valley

After the long drive along the scenic Rhein valley, we decided to spend the night in Koblenz and ended up treating ourselves to the local wine. The next day we woke up to a thick dense fog, but decided to make our way to the inner city for some Stadtbuemmel, hoping that the fog would lift. Situated at the northern end of the Rhine Gorge, Koblenz is also where the confluence of the Rhein and Moselle occur.

Foggy Deutsches Eck and Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

We arrived at the Deutsches Eck and decided to take the cable car up to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress. The fortress hosts several exhibitions featuring various artists from the region, as well as classical music events. We lucked out that day, cause the fortress was going to close at 2pm for an event. After strolling around the fortress and going through the exhibitions, we had a cup of coffee and then made our way back down, at which point the fog started to lift.

Views from the Rhine river tour

After our excursion to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress we took a boat tour down the Rhine river. There are several options available, and we decided to do the one that lasts an hour. Since the weather was wonderful, we sat on the upper deck and enjoyed some coffee while taking in the views.

Koblenz Impressions

After the boat tour, I must admit, we were quiet saturated. So, we decided to just spend the rest of the day strolling around the city, winding down and getting ready for the next destination on our road-trip.

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