2020 Reading List

Another year gone by, another GoodReads reading challenge completed. This past year, I felt increasingly overwhelmed by my ‘To Read’ list. With over a 1000 thousand books waiting to be read, surely I would never read them all in this lifetime. I am a slow reader. But my resolve to make a dent to my To Read list prevailed. I decided to plan my reading list for the coming years. This year, I simply chose the books at random. But for next year I decided that I am going to read only women authors. Why you ask? This won’t be a one-line answer. I have been having a nagging feeling that I don’t read enough female authors. I mean yes, I have read Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters and Margaret Atwood. But my reading lists tended to be men heavy. That’s a shame.

For my 2020 reading list, I decided that it would not only read only women authors, but women authors is as many different genres as possible. On my list are 38 books, and my goal is to read at least 25 of them, if not all. You’ll find my list here. I am excited and looking forward to my reading this year!

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